My three-step method will get your white sneakers sparkling – my dirty pair looks brand new | The Sun

A FOOTWEAR fan has revealed her three-step method for getting white sneakers sparkling again.

She rejuvenated her dirty pair with her hack, making them look brand new.

So good was her clean-up job that she wanted to share it with her TikTok.

It's a bit of a detour from Leigha's (@leilulemon) usual content on her platform, as she typically focuses on "eating good and looking good.”

In the process, she has proved to be very popular with over 86,000 likes.

But even living in sunny Los Angeles hasn't protected her sneakers from picking up dirt and grime.

So, she came up with a practical hack that would give them a spruce up.

“Clean my dirty *ss Converse with me," she said in her post.

Before she started, she made sure to remove the laces.

For step one, she filled a sink with water and added some OxiClean. She placed her sneakers in the water and left them to soak, then added the laces.

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Once they had soaked for a while, she was ready for step two and retrieved her Converse from the sink.

Then she used some cleaning spray, “just a surface cleaner for countertops,” and used a small brush to remove any lingering marks.

For the last stage, she put them into a washing machine and added some more OxiClean and detergent.

By the time she was finished, and the laces rethreaded, her sneakers looked sparking clean.

“They look brand new," she said with a note of triumph.

One commenter was impressed enough to make a promise: "I'm going to try this," she said.

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