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AN INFLUENCER has revealed her DIY spray that will keep your home dust free for longer.

Even better, she said her three-ingredient concoction will make cleaning quicker too.

It should keep households pretty fragrant too judging by some of the essential oils in this spray.

This potion comes from Chantel Mila (@mama_mila_). Her TikTok presence is all about “Cleaning hacks and styling.”

Her tips certainly have broad appeal for she has an incredible 1.2 million followers and another 15.8 million likes.

This post was all about her dust-busting magic spray, which was so easy to make.

“The DIY dusting spray that helps keep dust away for longer," she said.

All householders had to do was add her three ingredients into an empty spray jug.

“Mix one cup of water," she instructed. Then add "a quarter cup of white vinegar – to cut through dirt and clean."

To this, she added, “four drops of lemon oil, to protect and polish wooden furniture."

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Followed by: “Two tablespoons of coconut oil. The secret to repelling dust for longer," she wrote.

"It helps coats the furniture to prevent dust settling in the future.”

Once all the ingredients had been put in the jug, she said: “Shake well and spray.”

As a word of caution, she advised doing a patch test first.

Enjoy a dust-free home with this DIY spray

This DIY spray that will keep your home dust free for longer. It contains just three natural ingrediants and is chemical-free.

Empty the following ingredients into a spray jug.

One cup of water.

A quarter a cup of white vinegar.

Four drops of lemon oil.

Two tablespoons of coconut oil.

Shake all the ingredients really well.

Start to spray, and use a damp microfiber cloth to capture and hold the tiny dust particles, and wipe them away.

Then she used a damp microfiber cloth to capture and hold the tiny dust particles, wiping them away.

“Enjoy your dust-free home," she said, signing off from her post.

It's been a popular one with over 15,000 likes and dozens of comments.

One commenter was delighted with the tip: “I did this and I am so happy with my turnout. Thank you, Mila.”

There was gratitude from another: “I need this so bad. I get the worst dust allergies.”

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This reader said adding lemon oil had other benefits: “The lemon will also repel spiders.”

But the final comment admitted defeat on the dust front: “I’ve tried so many things. Maybe I just need a maid," she admitted.

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