My son was almost kidnapped – now on holiday I use the ‘brighter the better’ technique that every mum should know | The Sun

A MUM whose son was nearly kidnapped during a holiday has shared the "brighter the better" technique she uses for spotting her child in busy places.

The mum explained that her seven-year-old son was approached by a stranger outside a shop and chatted with him for a few minutes.

Apparently, the stranger noticed the child's dog seemed thirsty and suggested taking him to a tap nearby.

She said in her Little travelling bug blog: "I was in the shop, however, my husband was just a few steps up the road – with eyes on my son at all times, so watched the scenario unfold.

"My son is well versed in stranger danger, although as a child it's easy to forget the rules you have been taught.

"I’m incredibly proud that by the time my husband ran up, with the stranger dashing away on his bicycle – my son was already calling out that this was a "child-catcher".

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The mum says that the incident made her think of effective ways for parents to keep their children safe during a holiday.

And said her top tip is the "brighter the better" technique.

This tip means to dress your children in bright colours when visiting busy locations, so they can easily be spotted in a crowd.

The mum notes that the tip also helps in busy play areas and the beach.

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Other tips include arranging a meeting point in case your child gets lost, taking a lot of photos of them during the day so they can be tracked, and using ID wristbands.

And most importantly she highlights the significance of teaching your child about "stranger danger."

She says: "Teach your children that they should never get in the vehicle of a stranger or wander away, no matter what the temptation.

"If you are in area where they are allowed freedom, such as a playground, be very clear on boundaries.

"Limit their play area to very clear zones, and move around the park as they do."

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