My neighbours thought it was a good idea to paint their fence but I was fuming when I saw what it’d done to my car | The Sun

A MAN was left fuming after his neighbours decided to paint their fence and ruined his new car in the process.

He showed his brand new red vehicle that had been sprayed brown, supposedly accidentally.

The upset man uploaded a photo to Reddit showing the damage caused by his neighbours and explained his side of the story.

He wrote: “New neighbours painted their fence yesterday, now our car looks like this. 

“All over.”

Many people were quick to chime in with their views on the matter.

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One said: “Just go over there and show them. I am sure they are unaware of this problem and will take the necessary steps to fix this.”

Another added: “Now you paint your car to see what happens to their fence.”

And a third commented: “Let them know what happened. If they don't hold responsibility, inform them that you're taking them to court for damages.”

The man gave an update to the saga in the comments – and he seemed to have calmed down.

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He said: “I went round there, he was super apologetic, said if I couldn’t get it off to contact him, gave me his number and all is good.

“Went to the jet wash and it came straight off the paint and the glass but the plastics and the metal (windscreen wipers etc) are still spotty. 

“Just picked up a magic eraser so I’ll let you know how it goes.”

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