My neighbour parked their caravan in front of my house SIX months ago – it’s an eyesore & there's never anywhere to park | The Sun

NOT HAVING a drive way can mean that you have to rush home from work to find a parking space, and if you're lucky it wont be too far from your house.

But things were made ten times worse for one homeowner when their nightmare neighbour bought a massive caravan.

Despite normally getting along with the neighbours, the homeowner was completely fed up of having to look at the huge caravan everyday.

She ranted on Mumsnet: "About six months ago our neighbours opposite bought a large caravan.

"The man in the house works on his car a lot and I thought he was just working on the caravan and then would move it to the bottom of the road."

But it soon became clear that the neighbours had no intention of moving the caravan, meaning the woman was left with a massive eyesore directly outside her house.

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She explained: "Every morning I open my window to this beige caravan. Do I have to look at that for the rest of my time in this house?

Not only that but the caravan was "taking up the space of two and a half cars," which meant that she rarely got to park in front of her own home.

She admitted that she knew the street was short of parking spaces when she moved in last year.

"[The house is] on a narrow residential street of terraced houses with no driveways.

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"We knew parking was limited when we moved, but it's not an issue since we only have one car and worst case scenario we could park it on the bottom of the road where there are no houses."

Confessing that she thought it was "a little selfish" to leave the caravan parked there but not wanting to start an argument with her neighbours over it, she asked other users if they'd feel the same.

They agreed that it was unfair to keep it parked there for so long, one said: "I'd feel the same way and would bring it up with them, especially if there's room down the street where there's no houses!"

A second said: "Personally I'd ask them to move it so that I can see out the windows like they can.

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A third agreed: "That's definitely cheeky, on the they would presumably be pretty unhappy if you did it to them scale."

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