“My mission is to make everyone’s arms and hair as cute as possible”

Written by Harriet Davey

Each week at the Sustainable Shopper, Stylist talks to the people focused on creating a more conscious shopping space for all. This time, Natasha Fernandes Anjo – founder of accessories label Roop – talks to fashion editor Harriet Davey about the joys of vintage. 

After becoming an Instagram hit, Roop – founded in 2019 by Natasha Fernandes Anjo – quickly became a cult label with its bags made from remnant and vintage fabrics being a fashion insider favourite. Putting the fun into sustainable fashion, and paving the way for upcyled pieces to feel like new, the Manchester brand is now also sold at Selfridges.

Fast moving, without the fast fashion element, Roop’s signature Furoshiki bag created using cleverly tied knots has now been joined by the latest Monica shoulder bag style; along with scrunchies, headscarves and face masks. 

Each item is one-of-a-kind, handmade by the creator herself with no material going unused. When you buy from Roop, you’re supporting a small brand that is packed full of talent and overflowing with love for the world we live in. Here, Natasha reveals her eco-consious shopping hacks to the Sustainable Shopper.

Natasha Fernandes Anjo founder of Roop

What is your earliest memory of sustainability?

Natasha: Living on my own really opened my eyes to how wasteful one person can be. When you’ve got to take out your own rubbish, you end up realising how much you create and I ended up wanting to do my bit for the planet (and do less trips to the bins).

I’ve always loved vintage and rummaging in charity shops – much to my mum’s despair when I was younger – my style was, erm, interesting. But I think my love for the unique and second hand pieces has held me in good stead with creating ROOP.

Is there such a thing as truly sustainable fashion?   

I think vintage is as close as it gets to being truly sustainable when it comes to fashion. We’ve already got enough clothing to last us forever. So creating new, whether it’s sustainable or not, the fashion industry is a wasteful one. 

Roop accessories

My mission is to make everyone’s arms and hair as cute as possible.

What makes Roop stand out in the industry and how do you aim to be even more sustainable in the future?

Me! I’m the heart of ROOP it all comes from my brain and my mission is to make everyone’s arms and hair as cute as possible. 

I used to work in a shop that sold remnant fabrics and I couldn’t believe how much waste there was at all times. It led me down the path I’m on now to help reuse all of these unwanted textiles to create new pieces. 

Investment pieces vs fast fashion: how do you get customers to care?

It’s not easy to change peoples mindset, but as the conversation around fashion changes people are slowly coming around to supporting small and more sustainable businesses. Spending more on quality pieces instead of quantity and waiting items to be better and last longer. 

I think what people love is the story behind the things they buy. By giving items a personality you give them a meaning. It’s important to get these messages across to love what you buy. 

Green satin Roop bags

I don’t think we need endless collections with hundreds of items in them.

What changes would you like to see happen in the fashion industry? 

I’d love to see more responsibility on social media, less hauls and more transparency. Transparency everywhere in fact, and a shake up in the traditional fashion calendar and expectations. 

I don’t think we need endless collections with hundreds of items in them, but maybe that’s just me?

    Three sustainable shopping hacks 

    1. Do you love it? Like really love it? Wait. Wait to see if you can’t stop thinking about it, and then go for it.
    2. Do you know who made it and how it has been made?
    3. Can you find it second hand?

    Sustainable Shopper edit by Natasha:

    • Roop Monica bag in biscuit

      Roop Monica bag in biscuit

      Monica is the babe you want and need on your arm. This colour is just yum. 

      Shop Monica bag in biscuit at Roop, £95

      BUY NOW

    • Roop Furoshiki bag in patchwork

      Roop Furoshiki patchwork bag

      This is Riley, my new patchwork Furoshiki bags. I love print clashing and green so she has a special place in my heart.

      Shop Furoshiki Riley patchwork bag at Roop, £80

      BUY NOW

    • Roop Monica bag in oat milk

      Roop Monica bag in oat milk

      Monica in oat milk, a classic beauty in my latest bag style. I’m obsessed with this textured flecked linen, it’s so beautiful. 

      Shop Monica bag in oat milk at Roop, £95

      BUY NOW

    • Roop Melissa scrunchie in check

      Roop Melissa scrunchie in check

      If it’s checkerboard print I’m sold. I’ve got quite a few chef’s aprons ready to make into something fab soon, too. 

      Shop Melissa scrunchie in black and white check at Roop, £15

      BUY NOW

    • Pura Utz earring

      Pura Utz smile earring

      Everything this company does from  its mission to the products and the women who bead them is just incredible. 

      Shop yellow smiley earring at Pura Utz, £33

      BUY NOW

    • Hanga bag

      Hanga bag

      Colourful bags and plant hangers handmade using recycled rope. I have one of the bags by Hanga and I love mine so much.

      Shop blush multi mini bag at Hanga, £40

      BUY NOW

    • Blóma necklace

      Blóma necklace

      I think I can claim that I’m Blóma’s biggest fan, my collection is vast and beautiful. Another northern babe making things on her own in small batches – win win. 

      Shop Freddie vegan necklace at Blóma, £33

      BUY NOW

    • Big Jugs mugs

      Big Jugs mugs

      A super fun and beautifully crafted ceramics brand. I was super lucky to snag a cloud mug and saucer recently. You just have to DM on Instgram @bigjugsabi to shop. 

      Shop ceramic mugs by Big Jugs, DM to shop

      BUY NOW

    Images: courtesy of Roop

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