My 'magic' tip will leave dirty sneakers sparkling white for a few cents – there's no chemicals or washing needed | The Sun

THE king of the life hack has shared his "magic" tip that will leave dirty sneakers sparkling white.

It was a super-cheap solution and a kinder one too, featuring no chemicals.

Even better, his tip to brighter, cleaner trainers involved no washing.

“How to clean shoes using a potato," announced Armen Adamjan (@creative_explained).

He is an extraordinarily popular figure on TikTok with 6.3 million followers, where he promises to deliver “hacks, tips and tricks.”

In this post, he stayed true to form with another unusual time-saver and money-saver.

“[Grab] a potato, cut it in half, and make another little cut," he said in his high-energy delivery.

“Then grab one of your dirty shoes and rub the flat side on top, and turn the potato on the side and go over the white parts."

Armen held out his sneakers to show the results: "It’s magic. Look how beautiful white it comes out."

For those unfamiliar with the spud's cleaning qualities, he explained.

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“The starch and the sugar help to bring out that dirt leaving your shoes sparkly white.

“Natural, no toxic chemicals," he said in conclusion.

His post had 17,000 likes and a lot of comments. One person described his hack as "genius" and others plowed in with their own method.

“Toothbrush and dish soap," was one example.

Many more, however, loved the potato-cleaning trick.

“Bro, where do you come up with these? These are genius," enthused one person.

A second vouched for its effectiveness: “That works super good and it is not slippery.”

“My daughter constantly washes hers and they’re getting worn. We’ll have to try this," promised a third.

A fourth person was grateful: “I am always looking for non-toxic ways to clean my sneakers. Thanks bro.”

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