Mum shares urgent warning as to why you should never use washing up liquid to clean your hot tub ready for the weekend | The Sun

HOT tub owners have been given an urgent warning as one shocked mum used a kitchen staple to clean it. 

The stunned woman posted a series of pictures online, begging other hot tub owners to avoid using washing up liquid to clean up their luxury items before the weekend. 

The text reads: “FYI, don’t put washing up liquid in a hot tub… wait for it.” 

At first, all seems well, as the opening photo sees a young boy playing excitedly in the hot tub with a rubber ring around his waist. 

As the clip moves on to the second picture, viewers get a big shock. 

The hot tub has disappeared and in its place are thousands of bubbles. 

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“Ok bubbles, a lot of them,” it reads. “But still having fun – DIY foam party.” 

In the picture, the bubbles look so tall that you can barely see the woman’s son over the top. 

Then things get even crazier. 

In the third photo, the bubbles are out of control and the mum claims she’s ‘lost the kids’. 

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“Starting to lose the kids,” it reads, as her son’s head pops up in the middle of the foamy mess. “They are regretting their genius idea.” 

But the bubbles aren’t done yet. In the next picture, the hot tub has totally overflowed and there’s white foam strewn all across the garden. 

The woman’s son looks defeated as the text reads: “Ok mum, I’m done. Bad idea, fun is over.” 

The final picture shows the woman’s two kids fleeing the scene as the bubbles keep relentlessly rising with no sign of slowing down. 

“Had to turn it off as it wouldn’t stop,” it reads. “I guess I’ll clean up then.” 

People were quick to comment on the crazy clip, and some even want to have a go at making bubbles themselves. 

“I have so got to do this,” replied one user. 

The woman responded: “Tag me in the results, I feel like I’ve started madness.” 

Another user asked: “How much [washing up liquid] did you put in there?” 

She replied: “Only ¼ of a bottle.” 

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A third said: “I did this when I was younger, got in so much trouble but it was worth it.”

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