Mum shares adorable pregnancy update video, but it's the baby girl's very unusual name that's got everyone talking | The Sun

A MUM has been slammed for picking an unusual name for her newborn baby girl.

Throughout her pregnancy, mum Beverley Raymond (@beverley_raymond_) posted adorable update snippets of her bump on TikTok.

The big day finally came and Beverley shared the exciting news to her 2.4k fans on the social media platform with a cute video.

The clip, which has since been viewed almost 400k times, shows the stunning mum in different stages throughout the nine months.

After the 39 week mark, the parents announced that Beverley had given birth to a baby girl the two named Navy Bleu.

''Welcome to the world,Navy Bleu Raymond,'' the two wrote.

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But whilst many flocked to comments to congratulate the family, some TikTok users were baffled by the moniker.

One chuckled: ''So your kids name is blue blue?''

Someone else reckoned: ''People need to remember they are naming ADULTS.''

''She is beautiful but I always think, 'would I have appreciated my parents calling me that when I was a baby' and 'will my child be made fun of?','' another added.

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Luckily, it wasn't all negative, as there was also heaps of support from kind-hearted viewers.

''What a gorgeous name, mother and family. Welcome to the world navy bleu,'' a fan of the moniker wrote.

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''love her name shes beautiful,'' a second penned.

Speaking of parenting, one couple was brutally slammed after sharing a video of their OTT gender reveal party involving a balloon 'bomb' indoors.

Ahead of their big day, the Spanish-speaking couple took to TikTok to share the news but quickly ended up going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Since being uploaded on social media, the video has caused quite the storm, racking up a whopping 25.4million views on Instagram alone.

It is believed that the clip was shared online by one of the guests, TikTok user Laura Salcedo (@laurasalcedo66).

At the start of the video, Laura was filming the two parents-to-be, both of whom appeared to be happy.

But what made the young mum-to-be a little nervous was the massive balloon 'bomb' in hanging in the middle of the room.

As enthusiastic guests were doing the countdown, the flame on the string made its way to the black balloon that had been filled with confetti.

Then, with a loud bang and a burst of flames, the balloon finally exploded and the video ended, without anyone being able to tell if it was going to be a girl or a boy.

According to Laura, who was sat right in front of the decorations, nobody was harmed.

But despite this, social media users quickly slammed the couple, insisting that not a single person in the room had been blessed with common sense.

One said: ''My common sense would have at least said “I don’t think we should do this in the house”.''

A second chuckled: ''Now we don't know the gender AND we ain't got no eyebrows.''

''It's not a boy or a girl, it's a dragon,'' someone else chuckled.

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''So what she’s having ? Human Torch ?'' another added.

''So not a single person in the room had second thoughts about this??'' a viewer was baffled.

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