Mum-of-two admits that she ‘hates motherhood’ and says that she resents her partner after having kids

A MUM has caused a stir online after admitting that she ‘hates’ motherhood – and that she has resented her partner since having kids.

Priscilla, from the US, regularly shares videos about her family life on her YouTube channel Pfd Loves Life.

But the stay at home mum, who has a three-year-old and a two-year-old, recently revealed that her family life was less than ideal, in a video called “I hate motherhood.”

Speaking in the video she says: “Just because I’m saying I hate motherhood it doesn’t mean that I don’t love my children, I absolutely adore my children.

“But as with any life-altering event there are challenges.”

As well as catering to her kids’ every need, Priscilla says that it was losing a sense of self that made her loathe motherhood.

“When I think of what I am, the image of what comes into my head is who I used to be,” she says.

“I have a hard time being patient with who I am.

“I hate that I don’t have more time to myself, before I had my kids I used to love spending time with myself.

“I can’t pee by myself, I can’t shower by myself.

“I don’t really get any time to myself and it really bugs me and I get really frustrated.”

Priscilla, who previously ran a business, admitted that being around kids all day has left her yearning for adult company.

“I just talk to kids all day, so my vocabulary isn’t great, I’m using very basic words all day,” she continues.

“The urge to want to connect with adults is real right now.”

“My baby daddy supports us and that has been a very difficult transition for me because I used to generate my own income and for now we share an income,” she explains.

“He always says ‘this is our money’, but it doesn’t feel that way. I like to make my own money.”

And Priscilla has admitted that being a mum has had a negative impact on her relationship with her partner.

She says: “In the past two years of us having kids I have built up a lot of resentment towards Gio.

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“The resentment started when I was feeling insecure about not only my body but my life, up until recently I’ve had a really hard time accepting my life for what it is.

“I didn’t expect my life to change so drastically after having kids and I haven’t been OK with that for a long time.

“He’s so happy with his life, and I’m just not I’m not living my best life right now all I’m doing is complaining.

“I should be saying I’m so grateful that I have these two beautiful babies, I get to stay home with them, I’m so grateful that I don't have to work, what a blessing, but I’m just complaining all the time.”

I didn’t expect my life to change so drastically after having kids and I haven’t been OK with that for a long time

She continues: “We’re not being intimate with each other, me and Gio haven’t slept in the same bed for a year now because of the kids – and we haven’t gone on a date for about two years.

“We need to work on spending more time with each other instead of giving up on one another like I have been.

“I’ll go to sleep at seven o’clock because I don’t feel like spending time with him, I don’t feel like working on us.”

Despite her feelings towards motherhood and her partner, Priscilla admits that she is dedicated to finding a good balance both in her relationship and as a mother.

She adds: “I am going to work on myself and my insecurities and Gio has agreed he’s going to put in a little bit more effort making time for us.”

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