Mum-in-law sparks fury after ‘fat-shaming’ son’s partner with ‘joke’ cushion about her ‘thighs rubbing together’

A WOMAN who had put on weight was given a rather offensive present, that could win the award for 'worst present.'

The anonymous mother was given a 'joke' cushion by her mother-in-law with a rude slogan about her weight.

Taking to Mumsnet the mum shared her concern over the 'gift' as she asked: "Is this present having a dig at me?"

The poster explained: "Don’t really see partners mum since covid as lives a couple of hours away and she never travels.

"She came for Christmas lunch and this was my present.

"When ever she sees her slightly overweight son she makes comments about how he looks pregnant . I used to run a lot don’t now."


Her post also had a photo of the cushion which had text saying: "I gave up jogging for health reasons…my thighs rubbed together and my knickers caught fire."

Nearly 300 comments poured in, many telling her they would throw the present in the bin.

"Nasty and upsetting. Throw in the bin." Said one, although many said something similar.

One did not beat around the bush and said: "That’s just a straight up insult."

Another agreed it was nasty and advised: "I do think you need to speak with you husband and tell him he needs to have a word with her."

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One person wrote: "I wouldn't have something like that in the house, it's incredibly vulgar and a mean gift."

Another said: "Like anyone would appreciate that! Does she have inappropriate stuff like that around her house? If not I would discreetly take it next time you visit and just leave it on her sofa."

"I would say from what you have said that this is an insensitive gift, her intentions may or may not have been good, but unless it was some kind of inside joke or something, you're not being unreasonable at all." One said, kindly.

Many said they would donate the gift, saying: "Yeah she's being rude! That would be going straight to the charity shop!"

While others thought even the charity shop wouldn't take it.

However, some commenters thought the cushion was supposed to be a joke, and didn't believe the mother-in-law was fat-shaming her daughter-in-law.

One person controversially insisted: "Sorry but that's hilarious! Not everything is personal, you know?"

Another said: "Maybe she thought it was funny, if you used to jog and no longer does. Have you ever had a conversation about jogging causing your thighs to rub together? I don't think she's fat-shaming but it is a strange present."

While another could never see the funny side, saying: "It's not funny anyway but it's also a really bitchy present. Who would have that on display?! I'm not a fan of just throwing things out, but given that I can't imagine a single person wanting this then I'd just lob it straight in the bin!"

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