Mum explains why she waits until the last minute to do the school pickup – and other parents say she’s not the only one | The Sun

A MUM has sparked debate after revealing why she waits until the very last minute to pick up her kids from school.

Sarah took to her TikTok page to share a video which showed her getting her things on and running to school.

"Mums rushing to the school playground early to chit chat to each other before pick up…" she wrote over the top.

She then showed herself sitting in a car, wearing sunglasses and casually eating a chocolate bar, adding: "Me hiding in my car until the last second so I don’t have to talk to anyone."

She added in the caption: "School playground chit chat isn’t for me – I like to grab and go.

"Please tell me I’m not the only one?"

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People were quick to reassure Sarah that she's not the only mum to do that, with one writing: "I sneak onto the playground and stand in the far back pretending to be part of the fence."

"The school playground mums hate me and the feeling is mutual haha," another added.

"I watch groups of mum be at school half an hour early and I just don’t get it," a third commented.

"Hahahahha this has made me feel so much better…I do this every day," someone else wrote.

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"My daughter is always the last in."

"That’s me can deal without the dramas, I value my peace and quiet when I can grab it," another insisted.

But others said they enjoy the school run, and being able to talk to other mums.

"I’m there slightly early cause it’s the only adult conversation I get," one wrote.

"I feel isolated sometimes and the school run makes me feel better."

"Worry about yourself and don’t judge others negatively is the option most people need to take. Be POSITIVE," another added.

"not me at school an hour early everyday," a third admitted.

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