Mind-bending optical illusion reveals if you’re a natural born leader or if you’re overly competitive | The Sun

THERE ARE many different types of optical illusions.

Some warp the world around you, others are more like brain challenges and some reveal hidden aspects of your personality.

This image, which was shared on TikTok by @charlesmeriot depicts a black and and white illustration of a young girl walking into the woods.

But depending where you first look the image also looks like a large skull.

According to Charles, what you see first can actually reveal quite a lot about your personality.

He said: "If you saw the girl first it means you always need to be entertained.

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"You get restless very quickly and you're competitive about everything."

However, it's a different story altogether if you saw the image of a skull before anything esle.

Charles said: "If you saw the skull first it means you're a natural born leader with a lot of charisma.

"you'll do anything you can to succeed."

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Viewers of the illusion were amazed, one said: "I only saw the girl but my husband saw the skull immediately!"

A second quipped: "The girl, but that explains it I'm a Gemini!"

Which did you spot first?

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