Man slammed for trying to BAN girlfriend from using tampons – but some people think he’s in the right

A BLOKE has come under fire for trying to ban his girlfriend from using tampons – but some people think he’s in the right. 

The 27-year-old claims his other half regularly sleeps in them, forgets she’s wearing one – and has even had to have one medically removed before. 

He shared his dilemma to Reddit, claiming he has ‘no issues’ with women using tampons in general, only his girlfriend. 

The man claimed he was worried she was risking her life, due to the dangers of contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which can be deadly. 

He said: “I have no issue with women using tampons. I have an issue with HER using tampons. I have a few reasons for this.

“She sleeps with them inside, she doesn’t change them regularly enough (IMO). She will wear the same tampon all day. I think it’s a forgetfulness thing? She doesn’t take risks seriously? Idk.

“This stresses me out because I’m worried she will get sick. However I have never made demands before recently.” 

After he brought up the subject with his girlfriend, she flew off the handle. 

He continued: “She is furious with me. Says I’m being controlling. Says a man should not be demanding to women what sanitary products to use.

“These are all things I agree with… usually. But I’m at a point where this is a hill I’m willing to die on and it may be a deal breaker is she doesn’t agree to this.”

This is a hill I’m willing to die on

He went on to list the numerous times she’s ‘forgotten’ to remove her tampon, adding: “Another time she forgot about a tampon and pushed it further in with another tampon. Her friend helped her that time and she didn’t see a doctor.

“When I say she sleep with her tampons sometimes she’s been wearing them a long time b4 going to sleep 8 hours. I’m aware how long a tampon can be in and the reason I’m noticing is because she is going way over.”

The bloke said he has no problem with his sisters, mum or friends using them – just his girlfriend. 

His situation has racked up more than 2,000 comments, as it divided opinion, with some people agreeing that was ‘controlling’, but others reckoned he was protecting his girlfriend. 

Symptoms of TSS

  • A high temperature
  • Flu-like symptoms, such as a headache, feeling cold, feeling tired or exhausted, an aching body, a sore throat and a cough
  • Feeling and being sick
  • Diarrhoea
  • A widespread sunburn-like rash
  • Lips, tongue and the whites of the eyes turning a bright red
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Confusion

One person said: “I'm a woman. This irresponsible girl is going to get toxic shock & this guy won't have a gf. He has a really valid reason to worry & she's lying about having it in & I've never heard of someone having to have a tampon removed not once, but TWICE.

"I understand why he's saying she shouldn't wear them because honestly she really shouldn't. She can't handle it.”

Another wrote: “Can't disagree with you more, I think the fact that it is a tampon is clouding your judgment.”

A third thought: “My body, my choice shouldn’t really count if you’re being so irresponsible with your health.”

Somebody else commented: “As a loving partner in a relationship he can totally ban his gf from doing something that is harmful.

“This is taking "her body, her choice" way too far, and out of context.”

This person wrote: “NTA! Absolutely NTA! You can get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from leaving tampons inside too long. You're right to be worried – she's putting herself at risk.”

And someone else added: “You do not need to micromanage her period. Write that down and every time you get the urge to forbid her from tampons, read it and then sit back down.”

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