Makeup artist reveals why she won't buy limited-edition palettes – even beloved brands can be guilty of cost-cutting sin | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL makeup artist has revealed she won't buy limited-edition eyeshadow palettes unless she can test them out first.

Even beloved brands, she said, were guilty of a certain cost-cutting sin.

She urged viewers to take note and learn from her many years in the business.

It was just one tip from Ellen's (@askellenbeauty), list of five things she would never do as a makeup artist.

In her post on TikTok, she laid out her top offenders. Top of her list was buy eyeshadow palettes that brands put out for a limited time.

"I would never buy a limited-edition or holiday eyeshadow palette without swatching it to test the pigment," she advised.

“Limited-edition items don’t have economy of scale so brands sometimes use a cheaper pigment in those items to save money."

Even with a favored brand, she said, the holiday palette could be "chalky and not very good."

Second on her list was foundation and she urged viewers to never buy it without letting the swatch dry first.

The contrast in colors was dramatic and she demonstrated the difference on the back of her hand.

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Number three was mascara testers in store and she gave them a wide berth.

"I would never use [them], not even with a disposable brush. Eye infection? Not worth it," she wrote.

Fourth on her list was her armory of personal brushes: “I would never use [them] more than once without sanitizing them," she said.

Not doing so could result in something unpleasant.

“I once had a client who got an infection from using her own dirty sponge. Obviously, sanitize and change these regularly."

Last, she warned about certain types of foundation: "I would never use yellow base foundation on pink skin. It looks orange."

Instead, she said: "Go with the undertone you are.”

The post had 67,000 likes and lots of comments.

“The wet versus the dry foundation was jaw-dropping. Thank you," said one grateful fan.

Another person was already following her advice: “I clean my brushes after every use. Glad I’m not insane for it.”

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Ellen's eyeshadow hack was good too for one viewer: “All great tips but number one is lesser known and so true.”

But another follower had a good trick for trying out mascara: “I test mascaras in stores on my arm hair. Hasn’t failed me yet.”

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