I've had 10 kids in 10 years so go for easy dinner options – I still have to quadruple recipes for my brood though | The Sun

SHE'S had 10 kids in 10 years, including two sets of twins.

So when it comes to prepping dinner for her bumper brood, self-confessed "tired parent" Cassandra is always looking for ways to make things as easy as possible.

In a video on TikTok, Cassandra said that she was prepping waffles for her family, explaining: "When you have 10 kids in 10 years you make waffles for dinner, because everybody loves waffles for dinner."

"This is how it looks," she said, as she whisked the mixture in a giant bowl.

She had to quadruple the family recipe to give her enough waffles for everyone.

"I got 36 of these big waffles or 144 small waffles," she said.

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"That’s usually – we just eat them like this.

"And hopefully we will have some extras to freeze and so we can have a fast breakfast."

"Did you have any left over??" one person asked in the comments section.

To which Cassandra replied: "Yep! I filled 2 gallon sized freezer bags!"

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"Love upside down day! Always a fav in the house," another wrote.

"Triplet mom…we have waffles every Saturday for dinner," a third commented.

"It’s the easiest dinner all week."

"I had 4 kids in 17 years and find it a lot somedays, you're super mama," another praised.

"I’ve always done this just for my 2 kids! Easy fast cheap dinner & leftovers for days. Perfect!" someone else added.

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