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SHE'S had her fair share of controversy since getting Married at First Sight.

But regardless of her issues with other contestants, Erica Roberts' marriage to Jordan Gayle appears to be going from strength to strength.

The pair were a late addition to the TV experiment, and joined at the same time as JJ Slater and Bianca Petronzi.

As the show continues to keep viewers hooked, Erica has been opening up about backstage details of being on the programme in videos on her TikTok page.

While she kept resolutely quiet on the question everyone wants to know – whether she and Jordan are still together – she did answer some other queries, such as how much she had to spend on her stunning wedding dress.

"So we don't pay for any of the wedding or really have anything to do with the wedding, to be honest," she said.

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"You get £1,200 for your wedding dress, but that also has to include, like, your veil, your accessories, your bridesmaids dresses, shoes.

"It really doesn't stretch that far.

"We also don't see the venue at all, until we're literally there.

"So you have no idea where you're getting married, until you're getting married."

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Erica revealed that before the wedding she did get to fill out a "questionnaire thing" which asked her what colour scheme, flowers and favours she wanted.

"And every single thing that I asked for, I didn't get," she said.

"I matched my bridesmaid dresses to the flowers and colour scheme that I chose.

"So when I got orange and yellow flowers, it just was not the vibe.

"I also asked for bagpipes and I didn't get that."

"It's not a f**king Scottish wedding if there's no bagpipes," she laughed.

"But anyway, it's a beautiful day nonetheless."

"Not having bagpipes is scandalous," one person commented on Erica's video.

"Absolute outrage!" she jokingly replied.

"100% agree with the bagpipes," a third laughed.

"You're beautiful inside and out ! You carried yourself so well! You made us Scottish proud," someone else gushed.

Erica also opened up about her and Jordan's honeymoon, when they travelled to Antigua.

"We have no idea where we're going on our honeymoons," she said.

"Obviously we get told beforehand,like, what you have to pack.

"And then you find out where you're going on the way to the airport.

"Really exciting!"

In another Q&A video on TikTok, Erica revealed other morsels about the show, such as that the food at their infamous dinner parties is "stone cold".

"We actually eat before we go to the dinner party, it's like a pre-dinner dinner, because the food is f**king freezing," she laughed.

Someone else argued that the show "seems so scripted this year", but Erica insisted: "It's not scripted at all, I can promise you that.

"It is not scripted."

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Contestants on the show are not allowed to reveal whether or not they're still with their "match" until it's finished airing.

Likewise, they are also not allowed to wear their rings.

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