I’m in my 30s but trolls say I look older than their granny – at least I’m natural, they couldn’t be more filtered | The Sun

A WOMAN has hit back at trolls who say she looks decades older than she really is.

Clare Dudley shamed nasty TikTok users for coming for her looks when they use filters on their pictures.

After receiving a comment on one of her clips saying she looks old enough to be a granny, Clare didn't hold back.

The comment read: "Jesus, I'm 44 years old, you look like my grandmother because my mother looks younger than you."

Clare slammed: "I've just had a look at your picture and that is filtered to f**k.

"So put an unfiltered picture on and then we'll start again."


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Although the TikTok user often has to put up with cruel comments about her looks, she was proud that she at least had to confidence to be herself.

"This is just me. Natural. You've got 10 filters on," she said in the clip.

Luckily, people flooded the comments section of Clare's video supporting her.

On said: "I honestly don't understand why people come on here to say horrible things."

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A second wrote: "What happened to women supporting women. You're amazing."

"Omg what is wrong with some people, so rude. You look fab," another commented.

And someone else said: "You look amazing, the jealousy is real."

Clare thanked people for their kind comments, but admitted she's used to the trolls now.

"Thanks but I'm very used to the comments by now," she confessed.

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