I'm in my 30s but still get IDed at bars – my biohacks for looking younger, including a supplement I take religiously | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL woman in her 30s has revealed her biohacks for looking younger.

She credited her glowing and dewy complexion – that has seen her aged checked in bars – to a supplement that she takes religiously.

So thrilled was Chloe (@chloebiohacks) to be mistaken for a woman in her 20s that she felt compelled to share her skin-care technique with her followers.

Chloe is a chemical engineer and uses her platform to share her love for “biohacking, mental health, and psychedelics.” She has over 142,000 followers and another 878,000 likes.

But this post was all about “Biohacks for looking younger," and she beamed widely as she shared her secret, still feeling bowled over by her compliment.

“So I’m traveling the States right now and I just had a drink at my hotel bar and the waitress IDed me and I was so honored and happy about that.

“[When] she saw that I was in my thirties on my ID she was like, ‘okay, what’s your secret?'”

Chloe, therefore, felt compelled to share what worked for her and what kept her looking young.

She did make one admission though: “There’s a bit of a genetic element to it. My mom also does look very young for her age," she said.

“So I have religiously taken NMN for a few years now and this is supposed to really help prevent and slow down the aging process."

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NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a dietary supplement. “It’s a precursor to NAD+, which declines as we age. This really can help you with energy, metabolism as well as DNA repair," wrote Chloe.

She had more suggestions to add: “I absolutely freaking swear by cutting down on sugar and taking a high dose of Omega-3," which promotes healthy skin, among other things.

Just these two elements have been hugely beneficial, she said. “Like doing those two things my complexion has cleared up so much and has gotten a lot more bouncier and dewier."

There was more and she wasn't finished yet with her routine.

“Other things that have given me a youthful glow have definitely been cold showering, using vitamin C in the morning on my skin, and also jojoba oil.

“I’ll use it before bed and I’ll also layer it on top of moisturizer before I put foundation on. It just makes my skin glow."

Chloe signed off with a cheery message: "I definitely don’t think I pass for 20 but it did make me feel good."

Her post had over 19,000 likes and a lot of comments.

One commenter said: “Some of your suggestions have completely changed my life.”

Another was grateful for the tips: “You look amazing. According to science your approach to younger skin makes all the sense. Thanks for sharing.”

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But this viewer wanted to know what was wrong with looking your age: “You look 30, Nothing wrong with that. You’re beautiful.”

The final commenter said being child-free certainly helped the complexion. “Also no kids helps. I looked awesome until kids came in my 30s," she said wistfully.

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