I'm fit at 56 – my secret to building an awesome booty at any age, skip the hocus pocus and add my finishing touch | The Sun

A FITNESS guru for women in their fifties has shared her secret to building an awesome booty at any age.

At 56, she is living proof of her straightforward method that has earned her a body she is proud of.

Ignore all the hocus pocus, she said, and simply add her finishing touch, and you could be on your way to having curves like hers.

“The secret to an awesome booty at any age," said Maria Blacutt (@strongmaria), posing in a gym, her fit booty on display.

This lady has 205,000 followers on her TikTok, where she aims to: “Inspire people over 50 to be confident, strong and a little crazy.”

Achieving a body like hers was down to hard work and dedication, she said.

“There are so many marketing gimmicks and sales pitches out there offering tricks and workouts to build great glutes. Most of them are hocus pocus," she insisted.

Maria revealed her secret, even describing it as "boring."

“Eighty percent of my training is compound, heavy lifting, and 20% or less isolation exercises. This is the honest truth."

She listed her exercise regimen. It wasn't going to be easy, but the results would be worth it.

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“My tush comes from squats, deadlifts, lunges, Bulgarian split squats, weighted step-ups, and barbel hip thrusts. Period.

“Basically, the hardcore grind. Please don’t be sold on light, flimsy exercises promising to shape your booty," she urged viewers.

“Building a booty means growing your glute muscles, this is a very very large muscle group. Nothing builds muscle like the basic compound heavy lifts."

But she added a final flourish to her gym regime.

“I use isolation movements such as kickbacks at the end of my workout as a complement to my training. It’s like the finishing touch."

Commenters were in total agreement with Maria's booty methods.

“Absolutely, facts. I’ve been using the same format in my workouts since I was a teenager. Free weights and cardio," said one person.

“Love it. So inspiring. Need to work on my tushy now," said another.

While a third person said: “Good for you. Hard work pays off. Well done.”

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