I'm fat and people hate that I love my body, they call my husband a 'chubby chaser' and troll me for wearing crop tops

A WOMAN has revealed the extent of trolling she receives online from strangers about her weight – and she has shared the perfect comebacks for each of them.

Posting to her TikTok account, Alicia Mccarvell has posted some of the most common comments she gets.

While the majority of them are positive, there are a handful of people who can't seem to help but write vile messages.

Alicia has slammed their cruel words in a video where she has shared her answers to their awful questions.

"Am I 'promoting obesity or am I fat and don't hate myself?" she asked.


"Is my hubby a chubby chaser or does he just love me no matter what I look like?

"Are crop tops not for fat women or are you uncomfortable with the fact that you think we're cute in them?"

Alicia has received a variety of comments questioning her relationship, with many not seeming to understand why her husband Scott wants to be with her.

In another video, Alicia shared a nasty comment she has received, which Scott responded to.

"How do you not own a mirror? Nothing sexy about being the size of a house," one person wrote.

Scott wasn't having it though, as he chose to respond with: "Excuse you?"

Alicia doesn't let these people stop her though, as she regularly uploads uplifting videos to her account.

People have flooded her comment section, thanking her for the positive impact she has on them, as well as discussing how much they can see her partner loves her.

"The way you help women, big or small, to love themselves and their bodies is bloody fantastic. I love seeing your vids," one person wrote.

"Can I tell you I never bought a crop top until I saw how cute and confident you were in one and it gave me the strength to do the same," said another.

"My partner is very tiny and I'm on the larger side and always doubt our relationship, then I come across your videos and love every part of us," a third person said.

A fourth person added: "He didn't take his eyes off you for a second. That's how you know."

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