I'm an interior designer – three mistakes to avoid in your dining room, matching tables and chairs look cheap | The Sun

AN interior designer has shared the common mistakes people make when designing their dining rooms.

The expert explained why matching your tables and chairs makes your home look cheap.

In her video, TikTok user Brie (@studiobrie) explained revealed the "three mistakes to avoid when renovating your dining room."

For her first tip, the TikToker recommended holding off when choosing a paint color.

She told viewers: "If you want your dining room to look like an interior designer did it make sure to have the concept, look, and feel down before you go anywhere near paint.

"In the grand scheme of renovations, paint is relatively easy to change but you want to make sure all of the big ticket items are selected before you paint the walls," Brie said.

She also advised her followers to avoid buying matching dining room sets.

"Instead you want something that complements each other but uses different materials and colors, this is called juxtaposition," Brie explained.

She told her audience that matching furniture "can look cheap and uninspired."

The expert added: "We want [the space] to look elevated, which is why I chose a white fabric with a metallic accent to complement the black table."

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Finally, Brie revealed the dining room mistake she sees clients on a regular basis.

She explained to viewers the importance of feature lighting in your space.

"Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be on the ceiling, if you rent then this can be a beautiful floor lamp," she said.

Brie concluded: "Now that you’ve got all the pieces in place choosing a paint color becomes more exciting."

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