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THE most frustrating part about doing laundry is dealing with a loudly shaking washing machine.

If you've noticed that your washing machine has been violently shaking in the most obnoxious way, there’s a way you can solve the problem.

A peaceful afternoon might be ruined if all you can hear is your washing machine making noises throughout the house.

According to Tom’s Guide, there are a handful of handy hacks that can quiet your washing machine right up.

Before you spend your money investing in a new brand washing machine (which can cost anywhere between $200 to $2,000 on average), it’s important to understand why your washing machine is shaking in the first place.

Reasons for a loud washing machine

The top culprit for an obnoxiously loud washing machine is uneven weight distribution.

The second culprit for this issue is that your washer is off-balance based on its current position in your home.

The third culprit for a loud washing machine is transit bolts that haven’t been removed.

Having a blocked filter on your washing machine is the fourth possible culprit since your filters might be stuck holding onto noisy items such as coins.

Lastly, if your washing machine is dealing with any faulty parts, it will undoubtedly start making aggressively loud noises.

Easiest ways to quiet your laundry machine

The most simple thing one can do to handle a super loud washing machine is making sure even loads are being washed each time.

Avoid only filling the left or right side of your washing machine by spreading every piece of clothing out before getting started.

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Another smart thing to do would be to ensure that your washing machine is placed on a balanced surface.

The floor where your washing machine stands should be as solid, level, and equally built as possible.

Next, get rid of transit bolts if they haven’t been removed from your washing machine already.

You’ll need a wrench in order to remove transit bolts, but this step can be a total game-changer.

Removing any debris from a blocked filter is also important if you want to make sure your washing machine stays as quiet as possible.

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Fortunately, having a blocked filter is one of the most basic washing machine issues to handle.

If all else fails, it’s time to call a professional who can come your way to fix the problem.

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