I’m accused of ‘blackface’ after ‘bathing in spray tan’ nightly – it’s not true, people just love dragging others down | The Sun

A WOMAN has left people baffled after revealing what she looks like in her layers of fake tan – with some users accusing her of wearing “blackface”.

Savannah Grace, 20, has been using sun beds for around three years, but also uses fake tan every evening.

To keep the colour even, she tops up her tan whenever needed and despite negative comments from online and the public, loves the way she looks.

Sharing the before and after results on TikTok (@savannah_1216 ), with one video racking up over 219,600 views, she has been trolled by fellow users – calling her out for the excess tanning.

“I try not to read comments as much as possible,” Savannah, a nurse assistant from Georgia, US, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“There have been many negative comments but I do what makes me happy for me either way.

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“I love tanning and being outside; I tan after workouts, before bed, in the mornings, I love the way I look when I tan.”

Despite Savannah having a thick skin towards the negative comments, it’s not stopping them from rolling in.

In the clip shared to social media, Savannah can be seen in her car as she shows her face and smile, while listening to something in the background.

Hundreds of users have made their way to the comment section.

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One person commented: “Aren’t you afraid of skin cancer?”

User Lauren said: “Not black face AND digital appropriating… with not an ounce of remorse or even an attempt to understand how wrong she is?? Throw the whole human out.”

Someone else added: “For you not to delete the video after being called out for blackface is kinda wild.”

Janna wrote: “R u not ashamed bro.” 

Another user said: “Blud took blackface to a hole different level.” 

Frank commented: “You aren't supposed to take a bath in the bronzer.”

Fiona wrote: “Girl you are Dorito coloured.”

Someone else added: “Bruh… that ain't right.” 

Another said: “WHY?” 

Lisa asked: “Do you work in a coal mine?”

Jordyn wrote: “Ya momma let you out the house like that?” 

Someone else commented: “Girl no, stop that tanning.”

“What is RIDICULOUS is you leaving the house like that,” added Casey. 

Other users came out in defence of Savannah.

Missy commented: “I don’t get it you’re beautiful.”

Someone else added: “You’re so f*****g gorgeous.”

Tanya said: “Ppl jus love dragging down others, don’t listen honey you’re beautiful.” 

“You’re literally so gorgeous keep doing you,” wrote Maddie.

Savannah added: “My tanning has never been something that has ever caused an issue in real life so why let the internet change that.

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“I tan for me and I’m 100% confident in who I am and what I look like.

“If anyone feels any different about how I look that’s on them.”

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