I'm a vet tech & there are five dog breeds I'd never own – including the unpredictable pooch that lunges without warning | The Sun

WHEN it comes to welcoming a dog into your home, there are many factors to consider – from the breed to possible health problems.

But according to one vet tech named Miranda Smith, there are five dog breeds she'd never own – and it's all because of her experiences since working in the industry.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@msmith007), she begins: "Dog breeds I will also NOT own as a vet tech."

First up, she starts by noting how she'll never want to bring a Corgi into her life.

"We have some Corgis that come in that have major attitudes, but they’re probably sweet at home," she points out.

Next up on the list of dog breeds she'd always steer clear of is the German Shepherd.


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"Most of our Shepherds we see at the clinic are very fearful and usually lunge without any warning, so they just aren’t my favourite working with them," she says.

Moving on, Miranda also points out that she's not a fan of the Shiba Inu or a Rottweiler.


Offering an explanation on the latter, she says: "We’ve had some fearful Rotties which turn into aggressive ones, and with them being so big, it’s super intimidating.

"I’ve only met a couple nice ones."

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Finally, the vet tech discusses the Pug.

"I just feel bad for the poor thing," she explains.

"Any brachycephalic breed really (the ones who snort and have trouble breathing sometimes)…also nail trims suck."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, racking up over 125k comments and hundreds of messages from dog owners up and down the country – with very mixed opinions.

"All the Rotties I’ve had are super sweet and love the vet. I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences," wrote one.

"They’re big teddy bears when raised right!

A second penned: "Greyhounds are the best dogs, but def not for everyone."

Miranda replied: "One of our vets own a Greyhound and she LOVES her. I like greyhounds, they’re like giant cats."

In response to another who asked what dog breed she would own, Miranda replied: "It’s going to be sound REAL cliche, but I love golden retrievers, labs, pits, and surprisingly Yorkies."

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