I'm a Ukrainian influencer & men use the war as an excuse to hit on me – it's sad, they're obsessed with my 30HH boobs | The Sun

A UKRAINIAN influencer known for her 30HH-size boobs says men around the world have used the war as an excuse to hit on her.

Louisa Khovanski told The Sun that she has received more than a thousand marriage requests to leave Ukraine, and in light of Russia's invasion, men have even offered security in exchange for sex.

Louisa has 2.6 million Instagram followers – and they all know she's well-endowed in the chest department.

"I have 30 HH breasts and my audience knows it," she said.

But as war has ravaged Ukraine, Louisa – who currently lives in Kyiv, as her hometown is occupied by Russia – says some sleazy men have tried to use the harrowing situation for their benefit.

“In many cases they offered me their room, as if they wanted me to sleep with them in exchange for security," she said.

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Louisa said that her breasts naturally attract the attention of men from different countries, but several have seen the war as an opportunity.

"Many people asked me to marry them to leave Ukraine," she said. "Many offered a place to stay."

But Louisa thinks their offers pose a greater threat.

“It was more dangerous to accept this situation than to live in Ukraine during the war period," she said.

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"I decided to stay in Ukraine and I turned down all the requests. I wasn't going to go out for something when I didn't know what it was.”

"I don't plan to leave at this moment. But things change, so maybe I'll leave closer to winter."

Louisa finds it upsetting that chauvinists are attempting to capitalize sexually on the war.

“Sad that some men are trying to benefit from the war in Ukraine and use us women. Chauvinism is still very strong, even in a period like this,” she said.

Louisa also admitted that while her breasts earn her attention on social media, they come with other problems in addition to indecent proposals.

"Yes, my breasts cause some discomfort in daily life," she said.

"I can't do cardio – jumping, running, and jogging are a big no-no. It's very uncomfortable.

"As for the attention, if I want to have a calm walk outside while I'm running errands, I have to wear baggy clothes – as baggy as possible.

"This is the only way for me to lead a normal life in society. If I wear a dress which I like, I start to get a lot of unwanted attention, so I avoid it.

"I'm not directly harassed because I'm avoiding interactions with people," she went on. "I'm a homebody. If I need to do some stuff outside I wear very baggy outfits. 

"I'm thankful that I don't need to interact with the outside world often, that I have the opportunity to spend more time at home and don't face hate or prejudices too much."

Louisa admitted she has considered breast reduction surgery, but mostly because of societal pressure.

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"Despite the fact that I'd love to wear dresses I like, or crop tops, I'm ok to wear only baggy clothes for my own safety and calmness," she added.

"It just feels weird and unfair that most women can wear whatever they want and I can't." 

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