I’m a social media influencer — my hack will help you look perfect in every photo you take | The Sun

TOO many women are convinced that apps like FaceTune and PhotoShop are necessary to use before posting the perfect picture.

It turns out that there are other ways you can make sure your pictures come out totally flawless for social media.

Model and social media influencer Kenz Lawrén posted a video on TikTok revealing a secret posing hack many people might not know about.

Her modeling experience is enough for her to label herself the "CEO of #ModelTok" in her bio.

From Kenz's perspective, creating the perfect hourglass shape in a mirror picture simply depends on how you’re posing.

She says: “When we pose from the side, we’re taught to flex our stomach and arch our back. That method doesn’t really work when you try to pose from the front."

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She continues: "Instead you’re going to start by tightening your stomach muscles and lead your hips forward.”

From the side, she reveals that her body is creating somewhat of a C shape.

She admits that while the pose looks pretty weird from the side, it looks great from the front.

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Kenz says using this hack will make you look like you have a snatched waistline.

She ends her video by clarifying: “Next time you look at a photo of a model, just know there’s a strategy behind that pose.”

Positive comments from women who are grateful for the picture-perfect tip have flooded Kenz's TikTok video.

One person wrote: “I really appreciate you showing how to do the pose, as opposed to just saying ‘it’s all posing’ and calling it a day.”

Ken’s responded by saying: “There’s a method to the madness!"

Another person posted: “You’re out here saving lives. Thank you, love. Definitely using this!"

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A third grateful user wrote: “I live for your tips! More of this content please.”

Another person complimented Kenz by writing: “I love how you relate with us so freely. You’re a rare gem. More success to you!”

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