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A KEEN secondhand shopper is on a mission to find the best place to bag a bargain – and may have found a strong contender if you’re after cut-price designer shoes. 

Heidi Ondrak, known online as @duchessofthrift, encouraged her followers to head to the Monkeyshu store in Aldridge, West Midlands, after regularly finding bargain accessories there. 

The fashion fan claimed they sell returns and extra stock from stores such as Kurt Geiger, Dune, Reiss and Ted Baker at massively discounted prices. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “Right, today I have come to another one of my little gems. 

“It’s thrift, but it’s not charity. So it’s dead stock from lots of big shoe retailers like Kurt Gieger, Dune, Moda In Pelle. 

“And they’re shop returns, they’re sort of palettes of seconds etc, and it’s called Moneyshu.”


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During the three-minute video, the bargain hunter shares a glimpse inside the huge warehouse and a range of the stock on offer. 

She continued: “This is what it looks like inside. 

“Look, you can see Radley bags, loads. Rows and rows of shoes. 

“They’re all put in shoe sizes, but they’re all designer brands and heavily discounted. 

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“I like those. You can see from the label they’re Dune. They’re £14 but they would have been about £90 originally.”

The Dune London star embroidered backless loafer originally retailed for £85 and are currently discounted to £45 on ASOS. 

She added: “Lots of summer sandals. Trainers, these are all Dune. 

“Reiss there. They have a lot of Ted Baker in here as well. They have lots of Kurt Geiger as well. 

“Little pair of Karl Lagerfeld trainers there. They’re really sweet. 

“Tommy Hilfiger. They get a lot of returns from Flannels and House of Fraser. 

“They’ve got loads of Radley bags, but you can see they’re about £60. But they’re all brand new, so they’re a lot cheaper than they would be in the store. 

“So you can see it’s just a massive warehouse of shoes and full of bags, all arranged in size, totally random.

“They’ve got tonnes and tonnes of men's as well.

“Loads of kids' school shoes which is really handy.”

Fans loved the glimpse into the bargain store, with the video gaining more than 1,300 likes and 57,900 views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their reactions, with one writing: “I'm getting TK Maxx vibes.”

“i live in Wolverhampton and never heard of it. This is a must-go-to,” another said.

A third added: “Been a few times. Love a bargain.”

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Someone else put: “Been going here for years. It’s proper hit-and-miss as a lot of the shoes can be really worn. Can get some bargains but do not expect brand new!”

Heidi replied: “It looked like the bags were new today, I've got a feeling that it was stock from the House of Frasers that are closing.”

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