I’m a hairdresser and you should be washing your hair over the bath, not in the shower – it saves water for starters | The Sun

DO you always wash your hair in the shower? 

According to a hairdresser, that means you’re missing out on six main things – and the worst part is you’re using more water than you actually need to. 

Instead, hair expert Rachel Valentine encouraged others to follow her lead and wash their locks over the side of the bath.

While some might find the angle uncomfortable and fiddly, Rachel said once you find out the facts behind it, you’ll never look back. 

That’s because in doing so she said they will not only save water, but also benefit from a more thorough wash.

In a new video posted to her popular TikTok account, @rachelvalentinehair, Rachel explained the reasons she favours leaning over the bath to rinse away her shampoo and conditioner. 

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Firstly, she said that it’s so much “easier to reach all areas” when you’re in this position, meaning you are able to get to work on those parts of your hair you may miss in the shower. 

That leads nicely onto Rachel’s second point, which is that leaning over will “make masks and treatments easier” to apply and use. Again, this results in fresher looking locks. 

On top of this, Rachel pointed out that it’s noticeably “easier to avoid conditioner on the roots” as you can bring your hair forward to just apply it to the lengths. 

As beauty fans will already know, hairdressers recommend washing your roots with shampoo only to fully remove the grime, before moving onto their conditioning treatment on the lengths for nourishment.  

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But Rachel explained that there are also many health benefits to following this routine. 

Firstly, the position of the body increases your blood flow to your scalp. 

She said it also helps to eliminate ‘backne’ – where hair products irritate the skin on your back and cause spots or rashes.

However, one of the most important elements is the amount of water that you use each time you wash your hair. 

Rachel said she ends up saving water – and therefore money – by doing it over the bath, as you’re there for a shorter amount of time.  

And it seems the hair pro isn’t alone in her thinking, as many of her social media followers said they do exactly the same.

One of them said: “I do this all the time now – it’s a lot easier for me.”

A second convert wrote: “I do this!”

While a third added: “We’ve always done this in my family.”

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