I'm a gardening whizz, here’s the exact time of day to water your flowers to keep them healthy and blooming

FLOWERS can add a much needed pop of colour to any garden

But if you don't know what you're doing the life of your beautiful blooms could be cut short.

One great way to display your favourite flowers is in hanging baskets, but this is where most gardeners make a fatal mistake.

Gardening expert Jason VanderMay from West Coast Gardens said: "Your hanging basket is a thirsty little fellow, and he's going to need a lot of water to survive those hot summer days.

"On average, an established 12-inch or 14-inch hanging basket will need one gallon of water every time you water it."

As soon as the days begin to heat up you might even have to venture outside to give your baskets a drink twice a day.

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But If you only have time to get out there once a day, when's best to do it?

According to the pro your plants are fans of a fresh drink first thing in the morning, ideally between 5am and 9am.

He explained: "Watering in the evening is definitely not appreciated, as plants hate going to bed with wet roots."

Watering early on in the day "ensures that your plants have enough moisture and can stay hydrated through the hottest hours of the day," he added.

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This is unless temperatures are especailly high, in which case give them another water around 5pm.

If you're still unsure whether your flowers need watering, just check the soil to double check.

It should be pretty moist most of the time, in fact once you've just watered you hanging baskets the pro says "you should see at least 10 percent of the water drain out of the bottom of the pot so that you know for sure it's reached all the way through the soil."

This is the case for all flowers with the exception of brand new hanging baskets.

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The pro explained: New hanging baskets that have just been planted up will need less water.

"In fact, you only want to use about half the volume of the pot rather than flooding the soil."

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