I'm a curvy mum & I love rocking booby dresses… trolls say I should cover up & have some respect, but I don't care | The Sun

A CURVY mum has hit back at the meanies who tell her to ditch the booby dresses for more modest attire.

Boobs come in all shapes and sizes, each one of which is worthy of being celebrated.

One of those blessed with a larger pair of girls is TikTok user Xandrixna Xynn (@xadgetsit), believed to be from the US.

Although the mum, who's described herself as a ''gamer geek goof goddess'', hasn't revealed the size of her boobs, they're big enough to function as a table.

According to her, she can even place a massive plate full of food on her jaw-dropping pair of tatas – and it'll stay there without falling.

Xandrixna, whose TikTok account has won her an impressive 232k followers, regularly rocks dresses with a low cut and a booby décolleté.

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But whilst she may feel her most confident and comfortable, not everyone approves of her fashion.

A number of internet users have insisted that her style sense is inappropriate and that the curvy mum should ''cover up''.

One meanie took to comments to say: ''It's simple, dress decent and act your age.''

Another begged Xadrixna: ''Please put a shirt on and have respect.''

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''I get the point of self love but put some clothes on. I wouldn't even want to see this much on a skinny person or even a guy,'' a third added.

Luckily, it appears that the gamer is not bothered by the harsh remarks and criticism, as she took to TikTok to hit back at all the trolls.

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''My mum taught me that anything somebody says before 'but' is bulls**t.

''Apparently, I don't understand the point of self-love.

''And I don't dress for you – I dress for me. I hope you find your self-love one day.''

Heaps of kind-hearted TikTok fanatics flocked to comments to show support, such as this person who said: ''Good for you, hun.

''Love your self-love and confidence.''

''The audacity of people to be so bold telling others how to dress &/or to act is baffling,'' another thought.

''Ignore the haters,'' a fan said.

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