I'm a cleaning guru & my ice cube tray hack removes stubborn limescale in seconds | The Sun

LIMESCALE can easily build up in your bathroom if you don't stay on top of blitzing it.

It's caused by the calcium and magnesium minerals that are in the water – particularly in hard water areas and can leave its residue on showers, toilets and in kettles.

Often people dig out the harsh chemicals to try and banish the marks, but there's no need.

Cleaning pro and TikToker @refinedliving explained that there's a simple way to make "DIY natural toilet cleaning cubes" to rid yourself of limescale.

In order to make the magic liquid mix;One cup of bicarbonate of soda, a quarter of a cup of lemon juice and a bit of dish soap.

Once you've given the elixir a stir, pour it into an ice cube tray and pop it in the freezer overnight till you've got solid cubes.

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Once you have your ice cubes ready to go you can just add one into the toilet bowl and give it a few seconds to dissolve.

It should shift the dirty and limescale inside the toilet.

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You can also top up the mighty cube's efforts with your toilet brush.

Fellow TikTokers were delighted with the hack.

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One said: "So much easier and simple than the recipe I have!!! Excited!"

Another said: "That smells so good too!"

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