I’m a cheapskate hairdresser – people are horrified when they find out how I use clients’ hair… who cares if it’s grim | The Sun

A HAIRDRESSER who is so cheap that she refuses to throw away any chopped-off hair opts to stuff it inside cushions instead.

Pelin Mathis also makes face masks out of cat litter and uses horse hair shampoo and conditioner on her clients. 

The self-confessed cheapskate loves having “more money in her pocket” and will cut corners wherever necessary. 

Mum-of-one Pelin once hosted a bridal party in her dad’s hair salon but wanted to keep it as cheap as possible.

She made her very own foot scrub with chocolate chips and cow udder jelly in the microwave.

She also mixed cat litter into a paste to create a face mask which she dubbed “so exfoliating”.

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Appearing on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Pelin from Georgia, US said: “I make my dad save all the hair that he cuts because it actually saves me money.

“I collect it because hair has a lot of uses.”

She refuses to spend money on plant food and instead puts chopped hair in the hair salon’s plants to fertilise the soil.

Pelin continued: “I use the long strands of hair for the couch cushions because for stuffing inside, it makes them more comfortable to sit on.

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“Once you put the hair in it, it makes the couch much softer.”

According to Pelin’s dad Big Rob, she saves him and his shop “a lot of money”.

The proud cheapskate also “found a way” to host bridal parties for cheap in the salon – and it’s by getting beauty supplies from a local farm.

Pelin explained: “The most expensive thing about having bridal parties at the shop is that they want expensive lotions, expensive creams.

“I actually figured out a way I can host these bridal parties without spending very much money at all.

“A lot of people don’t know this but actually a lot of salons I’ve gone to actually use products for animals.”

For the bridal party featured on the TLC show, she picked up horse hair products, cow udder jelly and cat litter.

The farm products cost just $10.50, compared to $100 at a beauty supply store. 

Pelin claimed: “Kitty litter actually has the exact same products you will find in a $200 clay face mask.

“I have about 50 ways to use petroleum jelly. 

“You can use it for your lip balm, salt scrub, foot scrub – you can use it for just about anything.”

However, following backlash for her unconventional beauty treatments, Pelin has since suggested that her cheapskate ways were made up for the show. 

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