I’m a beauty fan and I swear by a £1.10 hack to get rid of dark circles – it brightens your face in minutes | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has shared her quick and easy secret to get rid of dark circles.

So if you want to even out your skin and brighten under your eyes, you’ll need to pay attention. 

The 24-year-old beauty fan posted her tip online, leaving many very impressed.

And no, don’t worry, you won’t need to go out and splash out on expensive face creams or anti-ageing injections – in fact, this hack will cost you just £1.10.

Even better, you may already have the answer in your kitchen cupboard.

Sharing her hack on social media, the young woman posted the clip with the caption ‘For my low iron girlies.’

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She explained: “If you have purple dark circles, use turmeric to colour correct and brighten the area.”

In the clip, we saw the brunette beauty wipe away turmeric, which she had placed under her eyes.

In seconds, her skin looked vibrant, as she added: “You’re welcome.” 

She then added: “I do it for 30 minutes but definitely test it out first, maybe start with 10 minutes.” 

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In a follow-up clip, the young woman demonstrated how she uses turmeric under her eyes.

She explained: “I’m going to show y’all how I do my turmeric mask to cancel out the purple.”

She then mixed turmeric with some moisturiser to make a paste, as she continued: “You can use yoghurt, you can use anything else. 

“I like to use this because you can keep reusing it. 

“It doesn’t turn me yellow. Purple and yellow cancel each other out.

“I just put it on pretty thick. If you are pale and are scared for it to turn your skin yellow, use less turmeric, start out by leaving it on for ten minutes.”

The beauty fan later confirmed: “It doesn’t last that long, maybe two-three days.” 

If you fancy giving this tip a try, you can nab turmeric from many different supermarkets.

The cheapest supermarket for turmeric is currently Sainsbury’s, where you will find it for just £1.10. 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @amreezzyy, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly gone viral and has since amassed a staggering 1.6 million views.

One person said: “YAAAAS! I use powdered coffee, honey, turmeric to make a paste.” 

Another added: “I needed this, thank you.”

A third commented: “OMG THANK YOU.”

Meanwhile, someone else advised: “Mix it with milk so it doesn’t stain yellow!”

Another chimed in: “Make sure it's real turmeric. Mixing it with Greek yoghurt is the BEST combo.”

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Whilst another user shared: “Be careful with the eyes.”

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