I wasn't sure if I was right to kick my man out over his Tinder chats, but everyone agrees he was 'gaslighting' me | The Sun

A WOMAN who kicked her man out after discovering he was chatting to 20 women secretly on Tinder has debated if she was right to do so.

She explained that she'd had to go on her partner's phone when he was in a scooter accident.

And upon looking at the phone, she spotted the Tinder app installed and running.

"Then I look at the Tinder app, only to discover that he's been talking to 20 women, and talking to them on Snapchat as well,"she continued in a video on her TikTok page.

"Then when I confronted him, he said, 'It's not cheating because I didn't want to meet up with any of them – I just wanted to make friends'."

While she had kicked him out of her house, his comment made her think that she may have been in the wrong for reacting that way.

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But the comments section was quickly inundated with people supporting the newly-single woman.

"Bye Bye…. " one wrote.

"That accident was no accident. It was the universe helping you out.

"And maybe some karma for him!"

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Tinder is a DATING APP. You deserve better xxx

"Anything done in secret is cheating….Good on you, kicking him out …his loss you look great btw," another added.

"He’s gaslighting you .. yeah like the women he’s talking to on Tinder only want to be 'friends'," a third commented.

"I'd be out…. 100% cheating.. he may only be TELLING U he hasnt met any of them…. im so sorry this has happened… hope ur ok," someone else wrote.

As another added: "He’s gaslighting you. Trust your gut. And I’m so sorry. You deserve better."

"Don't ever doubt yourself," someone else wrote.

"Our gut is usually more accurate than our brain & often speaks up INSTANTLY.

"Our brain likes to deceive us. Crazy but true."

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