I was so embarrassed about the awkward way my DKNY skirt moved in the wind – all I can say is 'aye aye, captain' | The Sun

A NEW YORKER has been left red-faced by the city's unpredictable climatic conditions.

Her DKNY skirt was swept up in a gust of wind leaving her cringing with embarrassment.

Her awkward response to the unfortunate fashion faux pas was a jaunty: "Aye aye captain."

This expression was no accident, however.

Chloe's (@chloeevandermark) wardrobe item took on another look altogether when windy weather took hold.

“Walking against the wind in a long skirt is so embarrassing," she said in her post.

Striding into the wind along the streets of the Big Apple became a challenge for this fashion fan.

The blowy weather transformed her skirt into something drastically different, and it was not a look she wanted.

“It looks like I’m wearing pantaloons," she said in despair.

In times past, these bell-bottom-like trousers were worn by sailors on sailing ships, hence her exclamation of "aye aye captain."

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Her post was liked over 216,000 times and attracted sniggering and sympathy in equal measure.

One person related to her experience: “Walking in a long skirt with bangs against the wind trying to look semi-presentable is an odyssey-esque quest.”

But this person thought it was an epic effort: “People with bangs and long skirts walking into the wind deserve more recognition.”

One fan was very clear about her feelings: “The wind rages me so bad sometimes I actually can’t handle it.”

But this viewer had a romantic take on it.

“I like it. It makes me feel like I’m a Renaissance painting where you can see the person’s body through the pretty fabric," they said.

Equally for this viewer: “I love walking in a long skirt in the wind. It makes me feel like I’m taking a Jane Eyre walk on the moors.”

And sailor's trousers were not so bad, said this person: “Okay, but pantaloons are such a vibe.”

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