I was skeptical of Skims – I tried their bras and found the perfect style, it’s invisible under thin white tops | The Sun

AN influencer has revealed the perfect Skims bra for wearing under a thin white top.

The content creator gave her honest review of three bras from Kim Kardashian's brand.

TikTok user Lexi Jade (@alexandria_jade) explained: "I’ve been on the hunt for the most perfect everyday bra. Since it’s summer and we’re wearing tinier clothes, we just want to look good and feel good."

For her first look of the video, the TikToker tried on the $58 Weightless Demi bra in the color Clay.

"This one is so light and I just love that feeling that you’re not wearing a bra," Lexi told viewers.

Modeling the look under a white button-up, she said: "I’m so excited about this one. This is the most see-through white shirt that I own and I’ve been trying to find a bra that I can wear under it."

The content creator added: "Look at this, this is perfect."

Lexi also shared her thoughts on the $52 Fits Everybody Plunge bra in the cream shade and a dark brown.

The influencer tried on the bra under a black T-shirt with a scoop neck.

She said: "There’s not too much push-up, there are no weird lines, and if there’s one thing you take from this video it’s the comfort [level].

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"I feel like I’m just wearing a lounge bralette but it still looks super good so I’m happy about this," Lexi added.

Next, the TikToker tried the bra on under a white long-sleeve button-up top.

"This is the final test for me. This shirt, I’ve had it for six months but haven’t been able to wear it because it’s so thin that any bra shows through," Lexi explained.

She continued: "You can’t seven see it, it gives them great shape, not too much push-up, and most of all I’m just super comfy right now.

"I feel like I could just hang out at home in these bras, which never happens," the content creator said.

She concluded: "That’s my honest review. I definitely thought Skims was kind of over-hyped but I will be switching over to only Skims."

In the caption of her video, the content creator joked: "I guess I get the hype now."

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the haul.

One impressed follower said Lexi looked "iconic" in the different Skims items.

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"Alright, time to go spend more money!!!" wrote another viewer.

The official Skims account commented that Lexi looked "stunning" in the clip.

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