I was my school's hottest teacher – colleagues always judged me for my curves, they were hard to hide | The Sun

A TEACHER has told how she was constantly judged in school because of her curvy figure.

Romi Chase, 30, left education after growing tired of comments from students and staff who upset her with rude and sexual comments.

The Polish plus-sized model, who now lives in the US, revealed she hates how she was forced to conform in her dream job as a primary school teacher. 

Romi said: “As you can probably tell, I'm very curvy, very thick and busty. I get sexualised even in a turtleneck and jeans.

“Have you ever seen a very busty woman in a well fitted, button down shirt? 

“I'm going to assume the answer is no. It’s either too loose in the waist area or the buttons are gaping thus exposing my bra. 

“Blazers are a nightmare too, not to mention the waist gap in the pants. 

“There were literally NO cute, professional clothes for curvy women."

It wasn’t just looks that got Romi into trouble as a teacher.

She also felt that she connected better with students due to her own learning techniques.

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But deviating from the curriculum was frowned upon.

She adds: “I kept getting in trouble for not sticking to the curriculum. 

“Colleagues made fun of me for being a ‘rebel.’ 

“You're supposed to shut up and do what you're told and I just wasn't having it. 

“This was where I started realising this job wasn't necessarily meant for me.”

Romi left her homeland in 2017 and has since earned millions doing OnlyFans.

She said:“My style now is a lot more sexy and feminine. I love bodycon dresses and tight leggings.

“It’s funny how the same body I used to get bullied for has now turned into a money making machine.

“I finally feel seen and appreciated for who I am.”

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