I was fed up with my neighbours using our front garden so put a fence up & a lawn but people say we’re being difficult | The Sun

MOST PEOPLE want to get on with their neighbours – but that isn't always the case.

And one man has been left fuming with his neighbours after they kept using his front garden to walk across.

The DJ revealed in a TikTok video that he decided to do something about it – and transformed the patch of land.

He added a small fence and a lawn to deter his neighbours from using it.

In the video, he wrote: "Fed up with the neighbours cutting through the front of the house sooo… two forks later and some grass seeds and a new feature," adding a praying emoji.

"A*****le neighbours using the front like it's their path NO MORE," he captioned the post.


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The man, who goes by DJ Kraze on TikTOk, seemed pleased with the latest addition to his house.

But people who viewed the video were left confused about the issue.

One wrote: "I can't make head nor tail of this.. is it the side entrance to your house/garden or something?"

DJ Kraze responded saying: "From our front door to our back garden so our access not a public footpath but previous owners just left it for people to go across."

But it seemed not everybody agreed it was a good idea, and some suggested he was the one being difficult.

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One wrote: "I can't see what's really happened and what the problem was."

Another penned: "Some people really have nothing better to do huh, so petty."

A third sarcastically commented: "Community harmony, great, isn’t it?

He responded saying: "We do live in harmony just you gotta earn respect."

However, there were some who loved the transformation and agreed the neighbours shouldn't be using it.

One added: "hope it's solved the problem some people have absolutely no idea they're first-rate nuisances."

Another wrote: "Sorry you have this. Hope it works."

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