I use the 'core 4' method to declutter my house – it actually works and cuts down on distractions | The Sun

READY to declutter her house, a wannabe cleaning pro followed a method that keeps you focused and efficient.

She said it's the only way she gets it done.

Lifestyle TikToker Alexandria Barney (@alexandriabarney) followed professional organizer Kayleen Kelly’s Core Four Method in an effort to tidy up her home.

Targeting her kitchen first, she said she planned on cleaning every room in her house with this method.

“One of the keys for step one of the method is having a box or bin of some sort to throw everything in that doesn’t belong in that particular room,” she said in the clip.

Why do this?

“It prevents you from going to the other rooms to bring those things back, and then getting distracted by things that you have to do in those rooms.”

After loading up all the things that don’t belong into the box, she took it out of the room and began washing the heaping pile of dishes.

Alexandria said the reason she loves Kelly’s Core Four Method is because it takes an approach that considers mental health.

“Her methods actually work for me.

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“I’ve tried a million other things and it just seems that I can’t stick with it, or I just stop halfway through, and this is a tried-and-true way of getting it done.”

The homeowner then wiped down her kitchen and prepared to keep trucking along on her decluttering journey.

Viewers were inspired by her approach.

“My jaw dropped at the box explanation. So accurate because if I go to another room, I’m not coming back for hours,” one wrote.

“Good work,” another applauded.

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