I tried the viral butterfly cut but it was a disaster – my hair is THREE different lengths, I had to call my mum to help | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed things didn’t quite go to plan when she tried the viral butterfly haircut at home – and ended up having to call in her mum for help. 

Kirsten Morgan explained that she was just aiming to freshen up her look and thought the butterfly cut seemed fairly simple.  

But she was left stunned when she realised she'd failed to cut in subtle, face-framing layers.

Instead, she was left with one short chunk at the front, and various different lengths in the back too. 

She said: “If you are my hairstylist or my mother, please keep scrolling. 

“Okay so I saw the butterfly haircut last night, I was scrolling TikTok and anyway, I’ve watched three videos on it and I am confident that I can do this. 


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“I’ve never cut my own hair, I probably shouldn’t cut my own hair, but it’s been living in a claw clip recently and I thought it might be fun.”

Across three videos, Kirsten shares her first attempt at the viral haircut – and how her mum managed to save her locks.

During the first, she is seen dividing her hair into two sections using a large comb.

Talking to her cat, she adds: “I’m being impulsive, leave me alone.”

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After dividing her waist-length hair into two sections, she wet the one at the front.

She then cut straight across, removing almost four inches from the bottom of her hair. 

The content creator then did the same with the other section of her hair, before taking it down to see how it had turned out. 

At first, she didn't think it had turned out too bad – until she pulled all her hair forward.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she said: “Oh no…maybe it’s just because it’s straight?”

Whispering, she adds: “Oh my god I messed my hair up so bad.”

During part two, she continued: “Why is it so bad? 

“I called my mum, and she said, ‘you better not have done something stupid like try to give yourself curtain bangs’. 

“I called my boyfriend on FaceTime and he told me he does not feel bad for me, which I didn’t ask him to because I can laugh when I make mistakes. 

“But he said he doesn’t feel bad for me because I’m 30 years old and this is stuff that five-year-olds do.”

Appealing to her followers, she continued: “I would not recommend the butterfly haircut.”

In part three, Kirsten’s mum tries to disguise some of the harsh layers she’s cut in by feathering the front. 

Brushing her daughter’s hair, her mum can be heard saying: “You possibly should not do what TikTok tells you to do.”

Kisten’s failed haircut attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 21,100 likes and 568,000 views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their reactions, with one writing: “Nooooo baby no! Try upcutting!! Eeek!"

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Another joked: “Your cat tried to stop you.”

"Oh no! Never cut your own hair," a third warned.

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