I tried Kendall Jenner's $23k hyperbaric chamber – it made my skin issue instantly disappear but I had a steamy problem | The Sun

THE KAR-JENNERS have been known to splash out on over-the-top skincare remedies — and that includes dropping big bucks on medical devices normally found in hospitals.

Model Kendall Jenner even revealed on The Kardashians that she owns her own $23,000 hyperbaric chamber, which may quicken the healing process and reverse signs of aging.

The hyperbaric chamber, often used on burn victims, gives the patient significantly more oxygen than regular outdoor breathing.

Increased oxygen from the hyperbaric chamber can speed up the healing process, reduce recovery time, and even cure a hangover.

Inspired by Kendall, 27, I gave the wellness treatment a chance to heal my wounds and to see if it’s worth the enormous price tag.


Upon entering Remedy Place — a social wellness club focusing on human connection through self-care — I immediately felt an ambiance of serenity.

I climbed into the chamber, which was comfortable for me to lie down in, even at 5-foot-10.

The clear cylindrical shape of the machine felt like a futuristic capsule. The inside was comfortable and a special pillow was placed under my knees.

A staff member gave me noise-canceling headphones to listen to ambient music as the oxygen entered the chamber.

I felt instantly refreshed breathing the oxygen-rich air — in fact, my nose felt less congested almost immediately.

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However, the chamber quickly became too hot to stand.

It was a steamy day in New York City, and I did rush to get there, so a staff member assured me it was all too common.

Still, I took a short break, spending about a minute in a cryo therapy room — a favorite of Khloe Kardashian — to cool off before getting back in the hyperbaric chamber.

Of course, some of the effects are supposed to be more long-term, but I did feel a bit different as soon as I came out.

After completing my session, I noticed a bad sunburn I had on my chest had completely disappeared.

I also felt more mental clarity and I hadn't even had my cup of coffee yet.


Excited about the experience, I sat down with Dr. Jonathan Leary, the founder and CEO of Remedy Place, to get the scoop on the hype behind the hyperbaric chamber.

"They've been around for a long time, but usually they work within hospital settings and they're treating burn victims or scuba diving accidents," Dr. Leary said.

"However, athletes have been using mild-pressure hyperbaric chambers for a long time.

"Over the past five years, we've seen people like LeBron James, Justin Bieber, and all these celebrities publicly sharing that they're using these and people are curious."

Dr. Leary said that the miracles really start due to the significant increase in oxygen.

"When going into a hyperbaric chamber, it's increasing that concentration gradient and it's able to push even more oxygen throughout the entire body," he said.

"So the cool thing about that is that every biochemical reaction in your body requires oxygen, so when you give it more oxygen, it heals faster."

He also gave some advice for those looking to take in more oxygen but want to stay on a budget.

"Some studies actually even show that with mouth tape, or just strictly breathing through your nose, that you can actually get 20 percent more oxygen to your body," he said.

According to Medical News Today, respiratory muscles are more engaged with nose breathing than with mouth breathing, making it easier for the body to take in more oxygen.

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"And when you actually analyze most people's breathing patterns, most people are actually breathing wrong, which means their body isn't getting the appropriate amount of oxygen," Dr. Leary added.

"So, for people that are skeptical, this is medically proven."

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