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A WOMAN has revealed the extreme lengths she’s gone to save spending her entire salary on rent – and claims getting a PLANE to work is cheaper. 

With the cost of nearly everything on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to save money. 

But Sophia Celentano decided it would cost her less to commute to work by plane rather than pay to rent in New Jersey, USA. 

But people have been left stunned by her four-and-a-half-hour commute, with some even labelling it ‘insane’. 

Sharing a glimpse at her journey from South Carolina, she said: “Welcome to my 4 to 9 before my 9 to 5 as a supercommuter who takes a plane to work.

“For those of y'all who are new, I'm commuting from South Carolina to New Jersey one day a week for my 10-week summer internship.


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“After waking up around 4 and quickly getting ready, we were out the door by 4:30.

“My beautiful, amazing, wonderful mother drove me to the airport. 

“We made it there by 5 and were through security by like 5:05 so I stopped at Dunkin’ and treated myself to an iced coffee.

“I was really worried that my flight was going to be delayed this morning because the East Coast has been having a bunch of issues with airline travel the past week, but luckily we left on time and got in on time.

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“There actually was a good amount of people on my flight this morning. Usually, there really isn't that many people on this flight.

“I ended up doing my makeup on the plane.

“A lot of y'all suggested that I start doing this on the plane instead of before I leave so I can sleep in a little bit more, which was a huge game changer.

“I think the guy sitting next to me thought I was psychotic though for recording myself doing a full face of makeup at 5 am, but it's fine.

“After we landed we called our Uber.

“The drive is around 45 minutes to the office, so I made It there by 9 am.”

Below the video, Sophia shared some more about how the arrangement works, explaining: “My internship is paid and this commute was my decision so I pay for flights using my paycheck, just as I would use my paycheck to pay for rent.”

Her commute attracted plenty of attention online, with the video gaining more than 58,100 likes and 703,700 views. 

Known online as @sophiacelentano48, the content creator regularly shares life updates with her 6,800 followers. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions – although many had the same few questions on their mind. 

One wrote: “I have so many questions… do you fly back the same day? what happens if your flight gets cancelled/delayed? why not just sublease an apt?”

Another replied: “I saw a special on the news about her! She flies back the same day and says it is cheaper than any rent or subleasing she could find.”

“I find it insane how this is cheaper than renting an apartment,” commented another. 

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A third put: “This is insane. I would be so DRAINED.”

“I don’t even have the motivation to go to work 10 minutes away from my house,”  joked someone else. 

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