I thought my date was going well until a man sat down beside us and she went deathly pale, and that was the start of it

IF YOU are single, you’re bound to have at least one story of a bad date.

Whether you’ve been catfished, you were stood up, or your date was rude, we’ve heard it all.

But one man has taken to TikTok to reveal the worst date he’s ever been on and it’s safe to say this one is a shocker.

Pat McKenna, aka ‘pattymac2399’, from Boston of Massachusetts, US, shared his nightmare date story.

He explained “I went on this date two years ago.

"We were hitting it off, having a great time.

“I’m paying for the check because we’re going to the movies after.

"All of a sudden this guy sits down at the table with us and she’s pale as a ghost.”

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Brace yourself people, what happened next is a bit of a shocker…

He continued: “I said 'hey man can I help you?’. He says, ‘that’s my wife'.

“I looked at her and said ‘is that your husband?’ and she was trying to make up an excuse.”

But what happened next tops it all off.

He added: "The best part of it all, I see something crawling around in the corner of my eye – it’s her daughter.

"She jumped on her lap and said 'mummy' and I looked at him and asked how long have they been married for.

“Seven years!

"So she lied to me, she's married, married for seven years and she had a kid?!

“I was just sitting there at the restaurant, feeling like 'wow this is a Dr Phil episode."


Now that sounds like a pretty nightmare date to us, and many TikTok users agreed.

One person said: “I would’ve left the check on the table and walked out.”

Another added: “Yea that’s a bad date.”

A third commented: “I thought my date bringing coupons to a date was bad.”

Meanwhile, my Tinder match pulled over halfway through our date to go for a nap – he even set an alarm.

Also, I spent 40 minutes getting ready to meet my date’s friends – but he didn’t like my outfit so sent me HOME in an Uber.

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