I thought I was buying a teddy bear puppy when I got my dog – I’ve basically ended up with a llama who needs a DNA test | The Sun

A WOMAN who bought a “teddy bear puppy” was shocked when it ended up looking more like a llama than a cuddly toy. 

Melissa Windsor bought the curly pooch thinking it was a Shih Tzu cross Bichon puppy, believing it would grow to resemble a teddy bear. 

However, four months later, she accepted that her pup looked more like a llama with the mass of messy hair growing on its head. 

Little Roosevelt grew shaggier fur than expected and an unruly mohawk on his head, while his fur grew darker than anticipated. 

Windsor has now joked that “anything is possible” and plans to get her four-legged friend DNA tested.

She took to Facebook to show what she thought her pup would look like alongside a picture of scraggly Roosevelt. 

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"Little Roosevelt is four-months-old and looks more like a llama than a teddy bear but I love him just the same," she penned in the caption.

Shih Tzu cross Bichons, also known as Shichons, are typically fluffy pooches.

Windsor’s post attracted a number of hilarious comments, saying Roosevelt looked “electrocuted” and “manic” thanks to his frizzy mohawk.

"He's awesomely cute in a manic Einstein kinda way,” one person said.

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"Is it possible that he's a mini Aussie doodle?” another asked. “That's what my guy is and he looks a bit like yours!"

Dog groomers suggested that he didn’t resemble his breed because his fur needed a good seeing to.

Shichons, like Shih Tzus and Bichons, need regular grooming to stop their coat from matting and give them the famous curly “teddy bear” look.

Similarly, one woman who bought a £600 puppy on Gumtree was shocked when it grew up to be completely different than she expected.

Bethan Cupples, 21, bought the little black puppy, named Luna, when it was five weeks old, believing it to be a purebred French bulldog.

After just a few weeks, she grew shaggy fur and a tiled snout, while her lower jaw jutted out.

It became glaringly obvious she wasn’t the short-haired, flat-nosed pedigree Bethany had paid for.

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