I stop parenting at 7.30pm, after that the kids are on their own – I need time to drink wine and chat to my mates

A MUM-of-seven claims she ‘checks out’ of parenting at 7.30pm, so she can drink wine and chat with her mates. 

Aussie mum blogger Constance Hall has revealed how since having a larger family, she's had to cut a few corners.

Sharing her secrets on "how she survives" to Mamamia, Perth-based Constance reveals she has a ‘check-out time’ – saying every parent needs one – and hers is 7.30pm. 

After this time, Constance says anything if her kids need anything, it's up to them to sort it out.

"Anything you need that’s not an emergency after that is up to you to do,” she said.

"I’m not your mum; I’m not here. I’m not your slave, I’m just a statue of a woman who an hour ago wiped your bum and is now drinking wine chatting on the phone to her sister.” 

Sharing the post on Facebook, she added: "I share my big family shortcuts in this article. 

“Call me lazy, call me a slummy mummy, but when you have six kids living under your roof things change, you're kidding yourself if you think that you can give six kids the same life you gave one.

"It’s about f***ing off the s**t that doesn’t matter to leave time for the stuff that does."

Constance’s family includes daughter Billie-Violet, son Arlo-Love, twins Rumi and Snow, and Raja, as well as step-kids Zeyke and Sunny.

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The busy mum regularly shares insights into her hectic family life, and her tips to keep things running smoothly in her household. 

She admitted that as "dishes are the worst part" of dinner, she’s come up with an inventive way to cut down on the washing up.

She explained she lets her kids “feast with your hands.”

“I often put [out] a huge pile of vegetables along with another plate of sliced meat or whatever you’re making," she said

She also advised picnic dinners for a cheaper option that "gets it done" and out of the way.

Constance also revealed she saves precious time by not bathing her kids every day, explaining skipping a bath "won't kill them".

"They don’t have to bath or shower every day. They can quite often skip that part of the routine if it’s getting everyone down. I’m like, 'Fine, stinky, go to school and gross everyone out'," she added.

And when it comes to clothes – and washing for so many kids – Constance explained she was once offered a piece of genius advice.

She told fellow mums to buy a set of coloured buckets before labelling them for each child, and "chucking" each kid's clothes in the bucket.

She explained if the kids want stuff folding, they know which bucket to go to and can do it themselves.

Constance recently shared a throwback snap of her huge pregnancy belly before she gave birth to her twins.

The mum admitted she was "depressed" and "struggling to survive" shortly before the arrival of five-year-old daughters Rumi and Snow in 2015.

"So many people thought [this picture] was a beautiful memory, of course it was. To the outside world," she said.

"Inside I was dying. I couldn’t change positions without panting for 5 minutes.

"My depression was through the roof, I cried every day, my two other kids missed their free spirited mum, I couldn’t even get up to answer the door, you can see my swollen lips and fingers but I purposely shadowed my swollen nose and eyes that I could barely open due to fluids in my face."

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