I refuse to bend over and hurt my back scrubbing my tub – my Dollar Tree buys make cleaning so much easier | The Sun

A CLEANING pro has shared a hack that allows her to clean her tub without having to bend over.

She credited the useful trick to all the Dollar Tree buys she made that made it easier.

Kathryn (@doitonadimeofficial) shared the cleaning hack with over 580,000 TikTok followers.

The content creator took viewers on a trip to her local Dollar Tree to pick up some goods.

"The genius reason you should buy a Dollar Tree pitcher, one of these mopheads, and some Ajax for only $1.25," she said.

She recommended saving soap dispenser lids: "These fit perfectly on all of your Dollar Tree cleaning products, I use this to clean my toilet, Ajax is great," she said.

To clean her bathtub, she revealed why she picked up the three tools from the affordable chain.

"Instead of bending over and hurting my back, I just use this to wipe down my bathtub, I get one of those bristle brushes to get all of those nooks and crannies," she said.

"That's why I picked up that pitcher is because, at the very end, I can quickly rinse down my bathtub," she added.

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"And the best part —you've got a little cleaning caddy, this pitcher stores all those Dollar Tree cleaning products and fits right under your sink."

People were obsessed with her affordable and helpful hacks: "That blue Ajax smells amazing and is great on grease," said one commenter.

"It leaves my stove sparkling clean."

"I work at Dollar Tree. I didn’t know about the sprayer heads or soap dispenser lids. Thank you!!" said another.

"The pitcher is such a good idea. I always try to use this tiny cup that takes me 3x as long," said a third.

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