I live in Florida and my house is filled with stupid little bugs – my easy 2-ingredient solution catches them in a cup | The Sun

ONE Florida man who was bugged out by all the pests in his house has shared his easy solution for keeping insects away.

His cheap trick was proven to catch unwanted creepy crawlies.

"If you live in Florida, there's a good chance this time of year you have these stupid little bugs flying around your house," said the Sunshine State resident behind (@urbanchickenfarmer).

He was indeed fed up with annoying fruit flies and gnats that had taken over his home.

The small insects were spotted all over his plates and other kitchen items.

Some fellow Floridians were looking forward to the trick: "Yes, I'm in Florida and they keep showing up!"

Those in other hot states could also relate to his pest-filled predicament.

"Texas too! They are so bad right now!" said one such follower.

This chicken farmer certainly wasn't going to put up with the pests any longer.

"Now here's how you get rid of them," he said as he showed a bowl with yellowish liquid contents – that were filled with dead bugs.

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His secret two-ingredient solution included apple cider vinegar mixed with dish soap.

Wondering how long it took for the bug-trapping trick to work?

"I put this bowl down about an hour ago and it's loaded with bugs," he said.

His only regret about the hack?

Not finding it sooner.

"I never knew the solution could be so easy," he said.

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