I haven't shaved in FOUR years and love being a natural queen – but my trolls are begging me to reach for razor | The Sun

A WOMAN who hasn’t shaved in four years has hit back at trolls begging for her to go hair-free. 

Bekah Martinez, from the US, took to her TikTok account to share how upset she felt after seeing one person get thousands of likes when they commented: “The only thing I noticed was the leg”. 

Seeing how the social media user only focused on the hair on her leg rather than the content she had published, Bekah decided to address the issue outright. 

Holding her legs, she explained: “Seeing this comment get thousands and thousands of likes just kind of made me sad, because I first stopped shaving when I was pregnant with my daughter four years ago.”

Sharing a snap of herself with her blossoming baby bump at the time, she went on to explain the reason behind her decision.

“… I wanted her to see an example of someone living in their natural body without any shame,” she said. 


Woman who stopped body shaving hits back at trolls telling her to hide her legs

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Posting a snap of her daughter, she continued by sharing how she was made fun of for her body hair while she was growing up. 

She said: “I was so ashamed that I would pray every night that God would just remove all the hair from my arms and legs and I was just so embarrassed and ashamed. 

“Looking back on it makes me so sad because I was just a little kid. Just existing in her body. 

“Now, I’m healing my own relation to my body hair and beating that shame through exposure therapy while also showing my kids that all natural bodies are beautiful, however they look.” 

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In the caption, she added: “I still feel shame and disgust with myself sometimes but I hope i can help someone else feel less grossed out with their natural body”. [sic] 

Some people couldn't understand @bekah_martinez’s mindset as one person wrote: "I can't do it. I just can't Cheers to you though."

Another said: "But that's your trauma. That doesn't mean it's the same for her."

One called it "nasty" while others questioned why she wore make-up if she's trying to embrace her natural body…

But not everyone was cruel in the comments as many were inspired by her own choices.

While one person called it “Queen behaviour”, another shared: “Dude i stopped shaving cuz of u! [sic] 

Another chimed: “Honestly you doing this over the past few years has changed my bias on body hair! I also grew up hairy and you’ve helped me not be ashamed of it”. 

Resonating with Bekah’s story, a third said: “Same I was bullied for my body hair as well. I have a huge scar on my leg because I tried to shave my legs when I was like 6. 

“I always talk about how body hair is normal and beautiful with my daughters”. 

Another wrote: “I too am a fellow hairy arm girl, and I WISH I had more examples to make me feel more comfortable in my body. You go mama”. 

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While a fifth added: “You were my reason! Your gorgeous, have a fabulous man and you don’t shave! [sic] 

“I want to be proud and I refuse to shave for a man or anyone else!”

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