I hated my mum pouch after three kids so flew to Turkey for a BBL – trolls say I should get a refund but I love my look | The Sun

A MUM-OF-THREE has revealed that she hated her “mum pouch” and so decided to fly abroad for a BBL surgery.

The red-headed mum named Jessica, known on TikTok as @onlyjessicalous392, explained that she flew to Turkey for a Brazilian Bum Lift. 

A Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure.

A BBL increases the size and shape of your butt while removing fat from other areas of your body. 

Jessica explained that after giving birth three times and struggling to lose weight on her stomach, despite going to the gym and eating healthy, led her to the decision to undergo the surgery. 

In one clip, Jessica responded to a comment that read: “Can I ask why you’ve resulted in surgery for BBL”, to which she explained: “The reason I resulted into surgery is because I’ve had three children, I also had a c-section with my second and no matter what I did, I always had that mum pouch.

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“I used to gym, I used to swim, I eat healthy anyway, and I needed that extra boost to get me to where I am now.

“I will continue with the gym and do all that but that was the reason why I felt it was the best option for me, personally.” 

In another video, Jessica shared images of her stomach prior to the surgery.

She then posted some pictures of her body ready for the procedure and then proceeded to share a video of her new figure.

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She said: “What an experience I'll never forget.

“Made in Turkey.” 

In another clip, we see Jessica wearing a baggy t-shirt as she held her drains after the surgery.

She explained: “The reality of getting a BBL surgery.

“Definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

“It took me about 10 minutes to get up from the bed to get to the toilet, and then to get down to the toilet took me about 10 minutes.”

She later confirmed: “I'd say it's very painful. 

“That's probably the worst bit about this.. But it's bearable.”

Someone asked: “Worth it?” to which Jessica replied “Yes every second and every part.” 

One user noted: “And I'm glad this bbl look is slowly moving out of "fashion" craziness” to which Jessica confirmed “makes me laugh that people still think that others get it for a fashion statement.. girl some of us have had kids and want a nice body again.” 

But in another clip, Jessica showed off her new bum and responded to comments from haters.

She wrote: “Ew I hate BBL I’d never go to Turkey to get one” to which Jessica showed off her large bum and said “Yep so f**k you.”

But Jessica’s video saw floods of comments from trolls, slamming her BBL. 

One person said: “Better get a refund.” 

Another added: “That's disgusting why would anyone want that.” 

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A third commented: “it's lumpy🥴”

Whilst someone else noted: “Money back guarantee? That’s hideous.”

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